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Gather ‘Round The Grill

Everyone’s Invited

These days, it’s good to have your grill. A place where all views, values, ideas, and appetites can gather. Where our differences fade away with time and temperature, and the only requirement is a fire for good food in your belly.

On its own, a grill is no more than fabricated metal, but when you add the human element, a grill becomes so much more.

It becomes your creative outlet, your culinary teacher, and your window into food culture. It connects all ages, tastes, traditions, communities, and cooking styles. It’s both a proving ground and a stomping ground. An experience you look back on nostalgically, and an event you look forward to excitedly. But without people, it’s nothing.

That’s why at Nexgrill, whatever your background, beliefs, leanings, or tastes, you always have a place at our table, and if your neighbors are hungry, bring them too. Because around a Nexgrill, we all add to the recipe.


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