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Heartland Barbecued Pork Chops

Get ready for a heartland barbecue by topping grilled pork chops with a Midwestern favorite—traditional barbecue sauce upgraded with honey, Worcestershire sauce and mustard. It’s easy to please just about every carnivore at your cookout and the upgrade on the sauce livens up a heartland staple. Ingredients: 4 pork chops — bone-in or boneless, about […]

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Grilled Corn with Spicy Butters

As the temperatures drop, you want to steer clear of hotdogs and hamburgers but still itch to fire up the grill! Put the essential fall vegetable to the test with this grilled corn with spicy butters to give an ordinary food a spicy twist! Pick one or make all of them and let your guests decide! […]

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Chutney Cheese Toasts

When you throw together a last minute party or have more guests than expected show up, our chutney cheese toasts make for a simple, quick appetizer. Most home cooks have all of the needed ingredients on hand and the toast comes together in a cinch. 1 ts Butter 4 Rashers bacon, cut in half, rind […]

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Artichoke Bottoms with Bay Scallops

When we’re in the mood for an appetizer that’s elevated, delicious and filling, we reach for our artichoke bottoms with bay scallops recipe. Whether the people around your table are seafood lovers or not, these scallops—seasoned with fresh herbs and breadcrumbs—will melt in their mouth and keep them coming back for more.               3/4 lb Scallops, […]

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Curry Sirloin Lamb Steaks with Cucumber Raita

Our Curry Sirloin Lamb Steaks with Cucumber Raita are a tasty diversion from the traditional dinner party spread—one that you’re sure to revisit time and time again. Fragrant spices are rubbed on the meat before cooking and raita, a traditional yogurt-mint sauce, is served as a condiment. CUCUMBER RAITA 8 ounces plain yogurt — low […]

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Hot and Spicy Spareribs

The season for cookouts and barbeques may have passed, but there’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a spicy meal to warm you up in the winter months. Warm up your taste buds and keep the grill out for our hot and spicy spareribs. You won’t be disappointed. 1 Rack pork spareribs, 3 pounds 2 […]

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Grilled Chicken with Orange

An orange lover’s dream. This chicken with orange sauce is slightly sweet, with a depth of flavor from the mustard, cumin, and cinnamon. When grilled, the sugars from the juice caramelize the chicken to hold in the juices as well as creating a crisp outer skin. Serve with rice or grilled asparagus for a full […]

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Flounder with Lime and Cucumber Noodles

Looking for the lightest of touches to your summer meal? Not only refreshing, but bright, vibrant, and low calorie! If you can’t make it to the beach, the flounder here is sweet and salty which goes perfectly with our crisp, summery noodles. And it’s easy to prepare as well. Just bring out the mandolin and […]

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Grilled Dill Pickle Steak

Dill Pickles are the jam, no doubt about it. With their gentle sourness and sweet, salty complexity, they’re the champion of summer snacking. A refreshing take on the typical steak marinade makes dill pickles the highlight of this dish, by using the juice and some roughly chopped dills for a marinade, it’s kind of like […]

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