Fall into great eats!

Just because the leaves have started to turn doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the grill and say goodbye.  Quite the opposite, fall’s mild weather makes for enjoyable grilling weather, the heat has simmered down and the air outside is refreshing and welcoming.  Standing before a hot fire is a pleasure and the smoke carries differently on fall’s […]

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Kicking off your Football Season Right!

Whether you’re rooting for the Home or Away team, one thing both parties can agree on is a love for barbequing. With the football season upon us, there are a few tips to follow that will surely make you score big with your fans. Pre-Game your grill.  A good griller won’t rush the line without […]

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Regulator Resetting: Liquid Propane Use

Not enough heat? Is your grill not heating passed 300 degrees? This can be easily corrected by following a few simple steps to reset your regulator. No tools required! – Make sure all of your burners and your propane tank are shut off. – Disconnect the regulator hose from your propane tank. – Once disconnected, […]

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Every Heart Beats True, this Memorial Day Barbecue

Raise your flag. Sometimes showing your thanks can be as simple as flying Old Glory at your home. Show your patriotism this holiday by pausing for just one minute to honor those who have fallen and served. Celebrate your troops by uniting together with a backyard congregational feast. While summer might still be a month […]

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The season is here, and so are we!

All year long we anticipate this sunny time where we’re really able to shine through the art of grilling. Although fellow dedicated grill enthusiasts take enjoyment in yearlong barbeques, the next few warm months gives us a window of opportunity to put our best “foot long” forward. Preparation is key. When bringing out your grill […]

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Charcoal or Gas Grilling – The Pros and Cons

The age old questions remains as which is better charcoal or gas grilling. Old-timers will argue that charcoal is the only way to go, while recent generations appreciate the quick efficient cooking a gas grill provides. Although there is no right or wrong answer there are pros and cons to each method, below are the […]

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Healthy Alternatives to Red Meat

Are you currently dieting? Have you decided to cut back on red meat recently? Is your grill feeling neglected due to certain lifestyle changes you have made? If you have said yes to any of my questions, then we’ve got some solutions for you. Take your grill out and clear out the dust and cob […]

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Accessory Sale

Interested in a grill accessory?  Nexgrill offers an array of accessories whether it be rotisserie kits, conversion kits, pvc covers or tool sets. Not quite sure, well from now until the end of the year Nexgrill has all of our accessories on sale with up to 20% off.  To take advantage of this offer simply […]

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Email Registration & The Benefits

Do you enjoy bargain shopping? Want to be the first to be notified of a sale before the crowd? By registering your email address below under the sign up and save you can. With a registered email through you will be the first to know of any of our promotions and or new products. […]

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